Last Updated: October 1, 2018


This agreement is presented in English language. If any translated versions conflict with this version, this is still deemed the correct and default version.

Issued: October 2018

Welcome to PBN!

At PBN, we take your privacy very seriously and we have taken every measure so you rest assured your information and your experience at PBN stays safe and private. This is why we have updated our Privacy Policy to reflect our commitment with your privacy.

We understand that the small-print of any service is usually a mind-numbing read. We have tried our best to keep the legalese to a minimum but it is necessary to protect us both and allow us to continue to provide the service we all enjoy. So please note these Terms of Use will serve as a legally binding contract between you and PBN.

From here on, these Terms of Use will be referred to as terms and will lay down the rules of the relationship between you and PBN. By using PBN, you agree to these terms. WE WANT TO BE UPFRONT AND TELL YOU THAT THESE TERMS REQUIRE YOU TO AGREE TO ARBITRATE DISPUTES RATHER THAN GOING TO COURT, GRANT US CERTAIN RIGHTS AND LICENSES, PROVIDE US CERTAIN INDEMNITIES, WAIVE CERTAIN OF YOUR RIGHTS AND REMEDIES, AND LIMIT OUR LIABILITY AND OBLIGATIONS TO YOU. PLEASE READ THEM CAREFULLY. Needless to say, if you don’t agree with any or all of the terms, please do not use PBN.

1. Information Collected Like many other services on the internet, PBN needs to collect some information from our users and their usage, to be able to provide you with the high quality experience you expect from us - rest assured, we will make every reasonable effort to insure that our service is secure and private in accordance with our promise of service and our policies . The information we collect (whether through our own means or through third parties, as explained below) can be in the form of:

1) Personal information you submit while creating an account with PBN or while using our service;
2) Automatically collected information; and,
3) Information from other sources.

We need some information to provide you with the best experience possible, and we will make every reasonable effort to keep that information private and secure. There are three types of information we collect: Personal information you submit; automatically collected information; and, information from other sources.

2. Personal Information
We collect personal information when you register through any of our platforms: website, mobile, or tablet applications (collectively, our "Apps"). Personal information is any information about you that is personally identifiable, such as your name, address, email address or phone number, third-party sign-in information (e.g. Facebook Connect, if applicable), and any other information that is not otherwise publicly available. In addition, if you send email invitations to friends or family to join PBN, those email addresses are, in some instances, also collected. In addition, there is other information that is stored in our service when either business or family members use our apps, including but not limited to: Personal and Business information, including name and address, the business(s) name(s) or age, business category and business needs, as well as the information sent over the services, including messages, announcements, images, events and other.

We collect the information you submit for membership application, visiting PBN chapters or through its use, including your personal information, Business information, posts, specific business ask and messages sent through PBN Mobile or Web Application.

3. Privacy Your privacy is important to us. Any content you generate via PBN is handled under the regulations laid out in our Privacy Policy and these terms. By using PBN you agree that we can collect, store and use your information as outlined in the Privacy Policy; hence, please read this to be better informed about the choices you make in using PBN.
4. Responsibility for safety
We want everyone to enjoy and experience a safe environment in using PBN. An environment that is free from fear, intimidation, abuse, illegal and many other distasteful activities. While we do our best to achieve this, we can’t guarantee it. It’s important you understand your responsibilities in helping to achieve this too. By using PBN you agree:

5. Modification, notification and termination of Services It is our intention to provide safe, continuously improving and new services. But occasionally we may need to modify, or temporarily or permanently interrupt services, as much as we will try our hardest to avoid this ever happening. Hence we cannot guarantee uptime of the services at all times.

Nor can we promise to provide notifications of any kind before, during or after service interruptions. We may also need to apply restrictions to or deactivate or delete your account for any reason, at any time and without notice, such as if there is unlawful activity or prolonged inactivity of your account.

Due to the changing nature of our services, from time to time we may need to update our terms without notice. These terms continue to apply until you or PBN terminate our relationship by deleting your account which can be done at any time, for any reason and without any notice. Your license to use PBN will be revoked upon account suspension or closure.
6. Disputation
Your use of PBN is at your own risk. PBN does not guarantee the use of the service will be compatible with all hardware and software that may be used to access it. PBN is only supported on iPhones that are compatible with iOS 10.3 or later.

Neither PBN nor any other party, including our third party affiliates and business partners, involved in creating, hosting or delivering the service are liable for any direct, incidental, special, consequential, indirect, or punitive damages (including attorney fees and legal costs), or any loss of goodwill, business, savings, revenues or profits, or any loss of data arising out of your access, inaccessibility, or use of the service. Should your content or activity, whether as a personal or business entity on PBN, lead to a claim against us, you agree to indemnify, protect, defend and hold harmless PBN and our third party affiliates and business partners in their entirety.

7. Mobile devices and charges While the PBN application is offered free of cost, you are responsible for any and all data and communications costs you may incur for using the services. If in doubt, check with your Communications Service Provider before using PBN.

In case you change or deactivate your device, it is your responsibility to log out of PBN to protect your account from unapproved usage.
8. Contact
We’re 100% here for you. Get in touch with any questions, concerns and comments by contacting us at